Inspirational Speaking & Art Show

We're proud to announce that Emotion Into Art™ is now available for full school assemblies at elementary, middle and high schools nationally. The show is a great way to deliver entertainment while mixing in a positive, uplifting message to the students.

We have been partnering with school district Superintendents, Principals and Administrators. Many have agreed that the show, Emotion Into Art™, is the perfect source for capturing the students attention with unique speed painting art, while delivering a message of hope and inspiration.

Using personal stories, Tom goes into detail sharing experiences that allows him to live out his dreams in business and the arts. Tom has been a professional artist for over 26yrs. At 14yrs. old he fell in love with photography, at 19 he started his company, Varano Photography. Now in his late 40's, Tom travels the country encouraging others to follow their dreams and live with passion.

The stories and information the students will hear are compelling and focused on encouraging them to stay focused and never give-up. The stories are filled with ideas (Tom calls 'nuggets') that helped Tom along his journey.

Some of the Topics include: Bullying. Having Courage. Learning Leadership. Living with Passion. Dreaming BIG. Reading. Developing Discipline. Being helpful. Being generous and many more...


Please visit the video section of our site to learn more.