Q: How long is the show?

A: The show can be tailored around the needs of your event. A full show, which consists of 3-4 canvases, takes about 45min to an hour. Each piece can be created within 5-10 minutes. For certain college and corporate events, inspirational speaking is done in between each painted piece.


Q: I am a college student that would love to see your show at our campus. How do I go about getting you to our college?

A: Most colleges book their entertainment through the Student Activities office or Campus Life. Your campus director is in charge of all entertainment that is booked at the college. Direct them to this website for more information. We also have written materials and references from other campuses we've worked with.


Q: I don't live in New York.  Are you still available for my event?

A: Tom's show, Emotion Into Art™, is available worldwide.


Q: What type of events are a 'good fit' for this show?

A: Emotion Into Art™ is a great form of entertainment for a multitude of events. If you are looking to raise money for a charity or provide corporate entertainment-this would be the perfect choice. Tom has also performed at multiple colleges around the country. Please contact us directly to go over details of how we can custom create the show around your event schedule. Some ideas for the show are: Corporate Events, Charity Fundraisers, Weddings, Churches, Colleges, Trade Shows and Private Parties.


Q: Do you offer 'block booking' for colleges?

A: Absolutely. If you are a Student Activities Director or Campus Life Director and know other campuses that would appreciate this show, creating a block booking would save the campuses a substantial amount of money. Please contact us for details.


Q: How much space is needed for the show?

A: The show space can be customized to fit around the space of your venue. Tom can work in an area as small as 8'x8' or a full show spreading multiple canvases out in a space of 30'x20'. We can help talk through the process of the setup process when you call. Whenever available, a stage area works best for the show. Having the canvases higher than the audience allows for your guests to appreciate the view of the performance.


Q: Do you provide sound for the show?

A: If your sound system is adequate for the space of the show, we can tap into your system with our ipod. If not, we can also provide our own sound.


Q: Is it true some of the pieces are actually painted upside down?

A: Yes! One of the unique aspects to Tom's show is the ability to paint his images inverted, only until the end, showing the 'reveal' which always impresses the audience.


Q: What is the cost of the show?

A: The cost of the show varies based on a number of details. Please call the studio to setup a consultation with the artist.


Q: Can Tom create custom pieces for purchase?

A: Absolutely. Because Tom is a true artist and not just an entertainer, he would love to use his ability to create you a custom piece of art you'll be proud of for years to come. Please call the studio and speak directly with Tom to go over your specific ideas.